business unit strategy

Business unit strategy is defined by the choices a business makes in its interactions with customers and employees. Clear definition of the intended competitive advantage(s), the positioning relative to competition, customer segmentation and product strategy, pricing, cost structure, etc.

A business strategy should be able to answer questions such as (partial list):

  • How are we positioned relative to our competition? What are our points of differentiation? How well have we defined them?
  • How should we define success in terms of financial, brand, and other measurements?
  • What specific initiatives do we need to execute to close the gap between today's reality and today's vision?
  • How are we staying relevant to the evolving needs of our target customers?

As your consultants, we will help you answer these questions in a collaborative way while remaining mindful of what can be accomplished by your organizations and the resources you are willing to commit.

On occasion we will develop multiple business unit strategies in parallel for various business units. We are also assigned varying intensity roles to support with execution.