Delos Advisors strives to stand out among consulting firms as
a focused advisor to the financial services industry based on eight business principles:


  1. We focus on our areas of expertise and readily admit what may be new ground

  2. We base our advice on analytics whenever possible

  3. We constantly consider the "implementability" of our recommendations as may be limited by a client's capital constraints, technology or capabilities, human capital, culture, regulatory environment, etc.

  4. We always listen to our clients' end-customers; success with them "trickles up" to shareholders

  5. We believe in spending time with our clients and their organizations

  6. We always listen to all levels of our clients' organizations, with a particular emphasis on the front-line that is interacting with customers

  7. We treat our clients' organizations as if we were long-term shareholders (or in the case of public policy, as if we were informed, concerned, and engaged citizens)

  8. We believe in original thinking rather than recycling "best practices" under the convenient banner of not reinventing the wheel